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I'm a writer & inventor & have recently become a film producer, my new documentary, "Return to Tarawa-the Leon Cooper Story" can be seen on Hulu, SnagFilms,IndiePix, Military Channel. Orders for the DVD - go to www.cartmanager.


My varied career during my 80+ years has included serving as CFO of two Fortune 500 companies, being CEO of my computer company, Executive VP/Project Director of an international management consulting company that specialized in government studies, including reorganizations and installation of computer-based financial management systems. I'm proudest of my work as an inventor of safety products that saves lives -- products being used throughout the world. I'm a WWII vet, having served in the Navy as a landing craft officer; I took part in 6 invasions, starting in Tarawa and ending in Iwo Jima. A recounting of my experiences is told in my book, "90 Day Wonder - Darkness Remembered," available by Internet in all major outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I've had highly complimentary reviews of the book, which may be made into a movie -- see for more information.

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writing, reading nonfiction, listening to classical music, seeking funding for a new documentary telling the shocking story about the thousands of MIAs still lying where they fell during WWII.