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leon cooper

Hello, Ron
You can reach me at leoncooper@verizon.net


I believe its:

Mr. Cooper,
Thank you for your service & never forgetting the fallen!

ron bagby

i just finished watching mr. cooper's documentary on the military channel. my father served in wwII. i could never get him to talk about it. he landed on normandy. i came to this site hoping to find a way to write directly to mr. cooper thanking him for his service. i have not found anything that i think links him to anything i might write. i'm hoping to find an e-mail address or something. i do not expect a reply but would dearly like to know he somehow reads something from an appreacitive person. i served in the navy from 1963 to 1971. i will keep looking. i have found several sites that require me to sign up and belong to something called bml80 yadda yadda. i will keep looking for a link to the amazing leon cooper.

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