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Laurie Riffel

Hello,, my daddy was a Marine and fought on the island of Tarawa in ww2. I just lost him memmorial day of last year but he had many memories of that battle. My boyfriend and I are planning a vacation there in 2007 or perhaps 2008 after we leave Fiji. Please send me any info on this island in the pacific. I want to revisit the island my father was on and fought for America. Thank you Laurie

kip vander hyde

Seriously, is there anything we can do?


kip vander hyde

I agree, the condition of Red Beach on Tarawa is outrageous. Particularly in light of the millions that have been spent on the invasion beaches of Europe as well as the recent attacks on our country. Still, it was difficult for me, as an international business man to see the luxury resorts being constructed on the resort of Saipan as well as the A-frame cottages going up on Omaha beach.

Tarawa is particulalry sacred as it was such a bitter and self-less fight. What can I do? I am the author of "My Father's Keeper" set on the more 'romantic' site of Guadalcanal during WWII.

Kip Vander Hyde

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